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Get your Winter Tires Installed at Shortline Subaru in Aurora

Get Ready for Winter at Shortline Subaru

Heading to the mountains for fresh powder or just want to stabilize your Subaru even more for city driving?  A durable set of winter tires does wonders. You already have Symmetrical All-Wheel Drive and Vehicle Dynamics Control, but a new set of winter tires for when the temperatures drop will give you an even greater sense of safety and control.

The first snow isn't the best cue to switch over from summer to winter tires - you'll want to pay attention to the actual temperature changes for the best changeover time.  If your tires aren't suitable for cold temperatures, they'll stiffen up and take longer to brake, leading to potentially unsafe situations.  When the temperature regularly dips towards freezing, get ready to make the switch.

Why winter tires?  In comparison with all-season tires, winter tires have a stronger grip on the road when it's covered in snow or ice (or both!).  If you take a look at a winter tire and compare it with an all-season tire, you'll notice deeper treads and softer rubber. Some winter tires even have studs to provide additional traction. Winter tires are also more likely to brake on command in lower temperatures.  At Shortline Subaru, you can compare winter tires, find the right one for you, and get your tires installed the same day!

For more tips about winter tire changeover (and the warm weather changeover when spring comes along!), visit us at Shortline Subaru. If you haven't already considered making the switch, schedule an appointment online with our service center and take advantage of our service specials so we can provide you with a safe set of tires all year round!

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